If you are like me, for most of your life the cadence has been the same. Someone dies, their funeral is held a few days later, with their burial or interment occurring the same day. So the last 2 months for me has been anything but the usual cadence in that regard.

Dad passed on April 5. Given the reality and challenges of Lent and Holy Week calendars, we decided to hold his memorial service after Easter on April 26. Compounding things, the columbarium where his ashes were to be interred was still under construction. So, finally, today, Dad’s ashes will be interred and from a purely physical standpoint he will be in his final resting place.

Aldersgate, and formerly the Methodist Home, have always been special to Mom and Dad. The grounds and buildings have changed, but the location has been a part of their lives in one way or another for over 60 years. Appropriately, today, Dad’s ashes will be interred at the brand new columbarium at Aldersgate, the Sigmon Memorial Garden. Mom and Dad were instrumental in the vision, development and planning for the garden – so it seemed almost destined from the start that Dad would be its first permanent resident.

Dad’s spirit has been at rest for a while now. Today we bring his physical remains to their final resting place. Rest easy, until we meet again!

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