Today is Dad’s 80th birthday. I think for the last 6 months what I’ve wanted more than anything is for him to see this day and for us to celebrate it with him. We made it.

Now I sit here with him and family in what appears more and more certain to be his final hours in his earthly body. Not the birthday celebration we had planned. But a peaceful day nonetheless.

So much to say but words don’t come easy in these moments. I’ll just leave it at this. Happy Birthday Dad!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Pray for comfort and strength. And pray for grace and gratitude for a life well lived.

8 thoughts on “Octogenarian

  1. So many words can be said about your Dad but I can’t find them now. Thank you Pastor Tom for walking with us on our Christ journey. Happy Birthday my friend.


  2. Thank you, Tom, for being a part of our lives and for the faith journey we traveled together. You have truly been a man of God and a faithful servant, we love you and Lavon. Happy Birthday our Dear friend. Don and Nova.


  3. Happy Birthday, Tom. I will always be grateful we worked together. You were a supportive, amazing leader. Bill and I send wishes for peace and comfort. Mary Robinson


  4. Happy Birthday Tom! Our love and blessings for peace are with you and the family. You have made a major impact on our family’s lives and you will never be forgotten. You spread God’s love every day. Your and LaVon’s friendship over the years has been so special to us. Prayers for comfort and rest in God’s presence.


  5. Happy Birthday Tom. Your friendship has been a more most blessed treasure to me all the years of our faith journey together. As you affirm in you book; Wind Chimes, “If care and concern, in a genuine sense,is shown, we flower forth more fully into that which God intended all along”, then you witness has met the mark of beauty in humanity. Thank you for sharing my Faith journey with me. Thank you La Von for the beauty you share in your faith witness.


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