The way we feel is relative…

If you think about the times you’ve been sick, the way you feel is relative.  You have good days and bad days, times during the day you feel great and times where you feel miserable.  It’s all relative.  Dad’s condition remains stable and for the most part, he feels pretty good.  But it’s relative.

Most days he spends a lot of his time in his favorite chair.  But he’s still able to get out to lunch or dinner every day and often drives himself to his doctor appointments.  As good as that sounds, it’s relative.  He’s dependent on oxygen almost continuously and easily tires or becomes short of breath.  I know that is frustrating for him.  But he remains in great spirits.  Your visits, notes and phone calls mean so much to all of us, especially him.

As we enter the holiday season, we are looking forward to time together with family and friends.  Enjoy every moment with those you love!  As always, thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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