Today is Mom’s birthday.  She and Dad are a little over 6 months apart in age.  His birthday in April, hers in October.  But they share much more than 1939 as a birth year.  Every ministry takes a partnership – and standing with every good minister is a great partner.  Through the years, wherever Dad served, I would always here people talk about Mom’s involvement, as well as our entire family’s involvement.  Mary Beth and I were never pressured on that front, we just knew what was expected and I like to think we are better for it.  As a team, Mom & Dad role modeled marriage and parenting in so many ways.  They still do.  They will tell you it was not always easy, and at times, it still isn’t.  But all that they’ve modeled, thru good times and bad, stands at the forefront of their combined ministry to others.

Dad’s condition remains stable and he continues to enjoy your phone calls and visits.  We thank you for your continued prayers and support!

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