Visits and Phone Calls

Several have asked. Mom and Dad welcome phone calls and visits, but of course if you’d like to visit, please call first. If you do not have their contact information, please send me a note via the contact section on the last page of this site and I will share it with you!

Also if you’re inclined to send a note or card, their address is below!

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Sigmon

3800 Shamrock Drive

Charlotte NC 28215 – 3220

One thought on “Visits and Phone Calls

  1. Best “Boss” I ever had!! 8 great years together at the Conference Office! Tom was such a great cheerleader for me, encouraging me to step out in confidence and the strength of the Lord. Loved our trip to Israel with both Tom and LaVon in 2011. You two are so special to me! You are in my thoughts and prayers. (My Daddy had pulmonary fibrosis…I understand…)


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